Sixteen Thai Teachers and Students Entered Confucius Academy to Experience Traditional Culture


On the afternoon of March 18, 2019, sixteen Thailand teachers and students from the “2019 Sino-Thai Cultural and Educational Exchange-Colorful Tour to Guizhou” program came down to Confucius Academy to visit and experience traditional culture under the guidance of the College of International Education of Guizhou University.

In order to help teachers and students better understand Confucius Academy and traditional Chinese culture, Confucius Academy specially arranged visits and Han-style clothes experience activities. Under the guidance of the commentator, they first visited the landmark buildings such as Lingxing Gate, Confucius Statue, Dacheng Hall and Confucius Exhibition Hall, and get close to the magnificent architecture system and profound cultural connotation of Confucius Academy.

Afterwards, Confucius Academy staff showed the skills of putting on Han-style clothes and explained its history. In the process, everyone showed great interest and put on Han-style clothes one after another to feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture in an intimate way.

Everyone expressed that Han-style clothes and its historical allusions were very beautiful, and the experience activity arranged by Confucius Academy was of great significance in deepening the understanding of traditional Chinese culture, especially Han-style clothes, so they would like to share their feelings here with family and friends as soon as possible after coming back home, and suggested them taking the opportunity to come and experience it.

In order to further promote excellent traditional Chinese culture, in recent years, Confucius Academy has launched traditional cultural experience activities with the theme of “tea, rites, food, festival, clothing and books” for overseas students in colleges and universities and foreign tourists. In addition, Confucius Academy has cooperated with Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Guizhou University, Guizhou Normal University and other colleges and universities to organize hundreds of foreign students and teachers from dozens of countries such as the United States, Britain, Australia, Egypt, Argentina, Japan and South Korea to come to Confucius Academy for experience. The activities have been praised by all, effectively spread the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and promoted the exchange of Chinese and foreign cultures.