Confucius Academy Launched a Series of Activities on “World Reading Day”


On April 21, the series of activities of “4·23” World Reading Day at Guiyang Confucius Academy were in full swing. Wonderful reading activities such as searching for books, exploring secrets, music dialogues, reading talents, book clubs, and heart-to-heart talks unlocked various reading methods for the public to enjoy reading together.

Reading Talents: “Reading is the Best Companion”

On the day of the activity, the second “Reading Talent” Award ceremony of Confucius Academy Library was held in Minglun Hall, and more than 500 audiences witnessed the award ceremony. Based on the circulation and credibility of readers in 2018-2019, five “Reading Talents” were selected, namely Mo Haiping, Zhao Bingwei, Li Wenxun, Mo Huirong and Chen Zhen. On-site “Reading Talents” and librarians collectively read the “Proposal for National Reading Promotion” to encourage the public to cultivate reading interest and promote national reading.

Special Lecture: “Read not only the paper books, but also the wordless book – music.”

Ranging from classical music over 1,000 years ago to modern pop music and then to Douyin magic songs, from Gong, Shang, Jue, Zhi and Yu of Eastern music to Jazz Rock of the West, Ma Chen, piano player, composer and music producer, gave a lecture entitled “Music Dialogue Across Time and Space - A Millennium Cultural Journey of World Music” to the audience. Following Ma Chen’s live performance and guidance, the audience seemed to pass through time and space and “read” a music book that had accumulated human wisdom for thousands of years.

Interesting Book Search: “Reading a Good Book is Just like Meeting a Peerless Beauty”

Confucius Academy Library and Confucius Academy Press jointly launched the “ZAKER” book search activity this year. Readers can search for pre-stored books based on some special signs in the open area of Confucius Academy Library. Readers can take the found books home for free. At the beginning of the activity, it attracted many avid readers to search for books and enjoy the special pleasure of “meeting” with books.

Xishan Book Fair: “Sharing Reading Is Like Finding a Companion in Desert”

Initiated by Guiyang Confucius Academy Culture Communication Center, Phase II of the Confucius Academy “Xishan Book Fair” jointly hosted by Confucius Academy Library and Guizhou Authorities Learning Alliance was held on schedule in Confucius Academy Library. Zhang Hui, Ph.D. in sociology and Associate Professor of Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, shared his years of reading experience and thoughts on site and organized group reading on some chapters of Mr. Fei Xiaotong’s masterpiece “Earthbound China”. More than 60 avid readers freely communicated their thoughts via books and share the joy of reading.

According to introduction, on April 23, Confucius Academy will also hold children’s sinology interaction and special performance for the drama “A Heart Full of Light”. During the activity, Confucius Academy Library will hold “You Read, I Pay” activity, offer “U Book Quick Lending” service for the public, free gifts for photo sharing with “I’m Here” in Moments, “Pass to Read and Return Book for Liability Exemption” service, and “kindle” special package, etc..