Confucius Academy Issued a Suite of 9 Original Songs in The Book of Songs


The Book of Songs is the earliest collection of poems in China and a treasure of traditional Chinese culture. The Book of Songs was primarily for singing rather than reading. It was folk songs collected from various parts of the folk by poetry collectors in Zhou Dynasty. Nowadays, when we read The Book of Songs, most of them are read aloud rather than sung, thus weakening the musicality and artistic display of The Book of Songs.

For this reason, since 2017, the Confucius Academy has begun to create music for some classic poems in The Book of Songs. After one and a half years of creation, nine pieces of music including Lu Ming, Guan Ju and Tao Yao finally appeared in the report-back performance of “Singing Poems and Music on Xishan” on April 27 - Confucius Academy’s “The Book of Songs” suite creation, paying tribute to the classics with brand-new music composition and contemporary interpretation.

At the performance site, the artists not only brought the wonderful interpretation of nine musical works of “The Book of Songs”, but also brought the interpretation of ancient harps and flute works such as “Clouds over the Rivers Hsiao-Hsiang”, “Drunken” and “Su Wu Shepherd”, accompanied by antique paintings showing the connotation of poetry, which integrated audio and video. The audience Miss Zhang said: “It’s totally a new feeling. I didn’t expect that the singing of The Book of Songs was so wonderful.”

According to introduction, Confucius Academy’s suite of “The Book of Songs” is another music piece of Chinese ancient civilization after the music album of Chinese ancient civilization Yue Ya · Zheng Ji issued by Confucius Academy in 2016, aiming at creating cultural masterpieces and promoting and inheriting excellent traditional culture.