Famous Writer A Lai Visited Guiyang Confucius Academy


On the morning of April 27, A Lai, the famous writer of the novel “The Dust Settles Down” (《尘埃落定》), winner of Mao Dun Prize for Literature and Lu Xun Literature Prize, visited Guiyang Confucius Academy and gave a lecture entitled Du Fu in Chengdu. This is the 690th public lecture on traditional culture held by Confucius Academy, and is also the first lecture in the series of “Writers Forum” held by Confucius Academy. There were over 600 citizens and students who came to attend the lecture. Minglun Hall, which could only accommodate 400 people, was full of audience. Many listeners could only sit on the floor.

At the beginning of the lecture, A Lai started with the watershed of the Tang Dynasty - Anshi Rebellion. He described how Du Fu indulged in landscape in his youth and how he went through the war and became homeless and destitute until he settled in Chengdu and wrote a lot of precious poems. A Lai said that Du Fu’s encounter with Chengdu marked the luck for both Du Fu and Chengdu.

A Lai talked about Du Fu, but beyond Du Fu. A Lai took Du Fu’s poems as the thread and strung together the scenes of the whole Tang Dynasty at that time. He analyzed Du Fu’s “For a Guest”, spring water, flock of gulls and flower paths... These are not only the scenery in Du Fu’s poems, but also reflection of the ecological environment of Chengdu at that time.

An hour and a half is not a long time, but the audience seemed to have traveled through thousands of years with A Lai and had a trip to the Tang Dynasty grand view. After the lecture, many fans flocked to take out copies of A Lai’s works for signature. A Lai was moved by the enthusiasm of the audience in Guizhou. He said: “Guizhou has developed very fast in recent years. It is really not easy to normalize a scale like Confucius Academy. It is inseparable from Guizhou government and all sectors of society, and Guizhou people’s pursuit of spiritual life.”