“Coming-of-Age Ceremony” held at Confucius Academy for 600 Students


On May 11, 2019, the “Coming-of-Age Ceremony” was held at Confucius Academy. Six hundred 18-year-old young students from Guiyang Minority Middle School declared at Confucius Academy that they were marching towards adulthood – courteous and determined to take responsibility. Nearly 1,000 parents at the scene witnessed the students’ important moments.

The Coming-of-Age Ceremony is one of the traditional Chinese rites and one of the “Four Rites of Confucius Academy” (namely Coming-of-Age Ceremony, First Writing Ceremony, Chinese Wedding and Respect for the Elderly). Since the first Coming-of-Age Ceremony was held in Confucius Academy in 2013, it has been held for six consecutive years and this year marks the 7th Coming-of-Age Ceremony.

Professor Gu Jiu, former Curator of Provincial Museum of Literature and History, said in the elderly training session: “Today symbolizes a watershed and a milestone for the young on the scene. I hope this generation of young people can take on the responsibility of making the world respect China, Chinese people and Chinese culture.”

This time, Confucius Academy elaborately produced a “Coming-of-Age Ceremony Package” for students, including a certificate, a Twelve Letters to Youth written by Mr. Zhu Guangqian and a cultural and creative product designed by Confucius Academy, hoping that students cultivate optimistic and upward quality by reading refined books and immersing in traditional culture.

After the Ceremony, Professor Xu Qi, Executive Chairman of the Academic Committee of Guiyang Confucius Academy, President of Guizhou Philosophy Society and Doctoral Supervisor, delivered a lecture on Life Message - Talking about Life with Young Friends to the students, sharing the topics on life such as morality, responsibility, family and country. He said to the students, “Your responsibility lies in nowhere but on your shoulders. Life is too short to waste. Only by taking responsibility for your own life can you shoulder responsibility for your family, society and country.”