Expert Interpretation of the Mystery behind Chinese Characters


Chinese characters are the only classical ideographic characters still used today, which is a unique cultural phenomenon in the world. Why can Chinese characters still be in use at present? In response to the question, Li Shoukui, Director of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Tsinghua University, Professor of Unearthed Research and Protection Center, Tsinghua University, Yangtze River Scholar Professor of Ministry of Education, cited classics to explain the origin of Chinese characters from three aspects: Chinese characters and civilization, uniqueness of Chinese characters, Chinese characters and the Chinese nation, summed up the characteristics and functions of Chinese characters, and interpreted the culture and value of Chinese characters.

The beauty of Chinese characters lies in five aspects: the beauty of shape structure (art and symmetry are pursued during the creation of Chinese characters, as reflected in various font changes of words, such as “元” (yuan), “天” (tian) and “抱” (bao); decorative function; art beauty; cultural beauty; and functional beauty.

Finally, Professor Li concluded that the beauty of Chinese characters lies in its suitability for China’s practical situation. The beauty lies in the pursuit of beauty by the creators of Chinese characters and the appreciators. Chinese characters contain colorful cultural beauty. Its generation, development and change are great achievements created by Chinese people who have an in-depth understanding of China’s national conditions.