Eight Thousand Local and Tourists Celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival at Guiyang Confucius Academy


On June 7, 2019, “Chinese Dragon Boat Festival”, a celebration of traditional activity at Guiyang Confucius Academy was launched. The abundant and wonderful cultural activities attracted more than 8,000 local tourists and primary and secondary school students to participate in the Dragon Boat Festival research and learning activities of Confucius Academy to share the Dragon Boat Festival and enjoy the rich “cultural fragrance” of traditional festivals.

The theme is “Tour on Traditional Dragon Boat Festival”. Sections such as the Dragon Boat Festival folk custom experience, intangible cultural heritage skills exhibition, art exhibition and traditional cultural experience are set up respectively to bring a sumptuous traditional cultural feast to local tourists during the Dragon Boat Festival (June 7-9).

In the first lecture of “Intangible Cultural Heritage Introduced by the Inheritors” at Guiyang Confucius Academy, Wu Shuigen and his daughter, the inheritors of the national intangible cultural heritage “Miao Silver Forging Craft” from Shidong Town, Taijiang County, demonstrated the excellent Miao silver forging craft on the spot. Meanwhile, the commentary expert Tai Guangzhong, the inheritor and researcher of Miao silver forging craft and professor of Kaili University, interpreted the artistic value of the craft for the audience, enabling the audience to have a deep understanding of Guizhou intangible cultural heritage and Miao Culture.

To experience the traditional culture, Han Portrayal Bricks, Competition on knowledge concerning Chinese ancient civilization, climbing high to pray for blessings, Children’s Painting Exhibition “Who is preparing for the Dragon Boat Festival?”, and Cervantes and Don Quixote International Caricatures has offered joy of learning Chinese ancient civilization to the students and parents participating in the research and study activities.

Traditional cultural activities such as Kun Opera Collection “Fragrance of Calamus and Mugwort” for Dragon Boat Festival, Han Portrayal Bricks rubbings, and making Zongzi have attracted both local residents and foreign tourists.