A Concert Held at Guiyang Confucius Academy by Professor Ma Qiuhua and Her Students


On May 31, the Progression of Seasons–Concert by Professor Ma Qiuhua and Her Students” was held in Guiyang Confucius Academy. Ma Qiuhua, a famous Chinese vocal music expert and professor in China Conservatory of Music, together with her students as Jin Shengquan, Cai Min, Deng Xiaoxi, Yu Liucheng, Zhu Zhenghuai and Gu Xinlei, presented a vocal music feast for the audience in Guiyang.

According to Shen Cheng, artistic director of the concert, professor of the China Conservatory of Music and president of the Chinese Music Promotion and Research Institute of Guiyang Confucius Academy, it’s the 10th concert since the establishment of Chinese Music Promotion and Research Institute of Confucius Academy, and the 25th performance of the series activities of “Singing Poems and Music on Xishan” in Confucius Academy. Then, Confucius Academy will also launch special performances of percussion, Erhu, Hulusi and other ethnic musical instruments.

The next day, Professor Ma Qiuhua gave a lecture on Scientificity and Diversity of Chinese Vocal Music at Guiyang Confucius Academy. In the lecture, Professor Ma Qiuhua reviewed the stages and characteristics of the development of Chinese vocal music in the form of both narration and demonstration, identified the scientificity and diversity of Chinese vocal music, and answered the contemporary young people for eliminating their perplexity and confusion in learning vocal music. The audience hall was already packed with over 500 listeners, many of whom were local students majoring in vocal music and art in Guizhou. The audience issued such a feeling, “It’s lucky to listen to a lecture by master at such a near place!”