First Writing Ceremony Held in Confucius Academy for Kindergarten Students to Experience Traditional Culture


On July 2, 166 children from the top class in Guiyang No.5 Kindergarten attended their first graduation ceremony – a traditional first writing ceremony at Guiyang Confucius Academy.

First writing ceremony is a form of enlightenment education for children to learn to read and write. In the activity, the children, dressed in Hanfu, wrote down the first Chinese character “人” (human) in life, completed the first lesson of enlightenment education, and started their way to education through such ways as dressing up, worshipping the ancestors, receiving cinnabar dot and writing the character “人”.

After the first writing ceremony, the children took part in the education activities of traditional culture research in the Confucius Academy. Through visiting the Confucius Exhibition Hall, Confucianism Hall, Yangming Hall and other exhibition halls, the children viewed the traditional skills such as movable type printing and pitch-pot game, experienced the influence of traditional cultures, and spent a “day of humanism” with their classmates and parents. After attending the graduation ceremony, Li Dingwen, a parent, said: “I am very excited to witness my child’s growth through the first writing ceremony. In the future, I will take my child to Confucius Academy to experience traditional cultural activities again.”

Li Li, Director of Guiyang No.5 Kindergarten, said that in such a quaint and solemn place as Confucius Academy, it was very ceremonial to witness the graduation of children in the form of first writing ceremony. Besides, the research activities of Confucius Academy may sow the seeds of traditional culture for children. According to the introduction, on October 11, 2018, Culture Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy was rated as the “National practical education base for primary and secondary school students”.

As a research and education base for inheriting and promoting the excellent traditional Chinese culture, Confucius Academy has carried out “a day of humanism” tour, “our festival” experience activities, a special drama on Wang Yangming for students – Bright Heart and “new six arts” courses. In 2019, about 90 schools and social organizations, including more than 20,000 teachers and students, have participated in the traditional cultural research and education activities in the Confucius Academy.