Guiyang Confucius Academy–Member of the First Batch of New Age Civilization Practice Bases in Guiyang


On July 4, at the unveiling ceremony of Guiyang’s new age civilization practice center, Guiyang Confucius Academy was admitted to be the first batch of new age civilization practice bases in Guiyang. In promoting the development of the new age civilization practice center, Guiyang municipal government has planned to build a new age civilization practice base, with the first 16 sites listed. At the ceremony on the same day, six Guiyang new age civilization practice bases were unveiled, namely Guiyang Confucius Academy, Party School of the CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee, Memorial Hall of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Working Committee, Guiyang Library, Guizhou Big Data Application and Display Center, and Guiyang Olympic Sports Center.

Confucius Academy adheres to the policy of “creative transformation and innovative development”. Its aim is to inherit and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture and cultivate the core values of socialism. It has carried out various traditional cultural activities, academic exchanges, seminars and research activities in primary and secondary schools.

In the future, Confucius Academy will make better use of the five practical service platforms, namely theoretical propaganda, educational service, cultural service, science popularization service and sports service to enrich the traditional culture, carry out flexible and diverse civilization activities in the new era, thus better achieving ideological guidance, moral enlightenment and cultural inheritance.