Chinese Percussion Music performed in Confucius Academy


On June 28, Singing Poems and Music on Xishan: Drum Music – the Chinese Percussion Concert was held at Confucius Academy. Wang Yidong, the famous percussion player and professor of the China Conservatory of Music, Shen Cheng, the famous urheen player and professor of the China Conservatory of Music, Wang Jun, the head of the Four Seasons Drum Club and associate professor of the China Conservatory of Music, led the percussion and orchestra students of the China Conservatory of Music to present a passionate percussion feast to the Guiyang audience.

In the performance, the Chinese and western percussion instruments take turns, ranging from bass drum, coloratura drum and flowerpot drum, to hang drum, drum head and Darbuka. Besides, the “integration of wind and percussion instruments” is still the best match in Chinese folk music, covering tam-tam, small gong, Taiyuan gong and drum, suona horn, urheen and allegro.

“Percussion music is international, each nation and region has its own representative percussion instruments. However, percussion can be performed in various ways, including instruments on the stage, tables and chairs in daily life, and even the human body itself.” Professor Wang Yidong invited the audience to participate in the performance during the interaction part, arousing great interest and enthusiastic response from the audience.

Shen Cheng, Professor of China Conservatory of Music and President of China Music Promotion and Research Institute of Confucius Academy, said that the concert has been the 11th concert since the its establishment. He hoped that the public could get close to the national music and make the traditional culture livelier by accessible means. In the future, Confucius Academy will present special performances of erhu, cucurbit flute and other ethnic musical instruments.