Teachers and Students of Beijing Sport University Attended Confucius Academy to Experience Traditional Culture


As summer vacation approaches, summer social activities for college students have also begun. On June 26, Beijing Sport University organized 60 college students to go to Guiyang Confucius Academy for summer social activities to experience traditional Chinese culture.

In the activity, students dressed in Hanfu, namely traditional Han Chinese Clothing, learnt traditional etiquette, attended coming-of-age ceremony, and appreciated tea culture. Through the lectures, activities and interactions, etc., the students thoroughly learnt the essence and connotation of traditional culture. In particular, in the coming-of-age ceremony, the students solemnly made adult oaths and entered into a new period through various rituals, such as Wishes of Elders group reciting of Coming-of-Age Song, and Ritual Showing Gratitude.

Li Gengquan, Professor of the School of Marxism in Beijing Sport University, said that the development and inheritance of traditional culture depends on the younger generations. Through the cultural platform of Guiyang Confucius Academy, students can fully experience and learn the excellent traditional Chinese culture and accept the edification of traditional culture.

In recent years, Guiyang Confucius Academy has carried out cultural activities for foreign students in colleges and universities, domestic college students and primary and secondary school students, including public lectures, traditional festival activities, “four rites of Confucius Academy” entering into campus and academic research. The aim is to present the excellent traditional Chinese culture charms to students.