The 5th “Xishan Book Club” of Confucius Academy: The Great Flowing River and “Ms. Qi Bangyuan of My Acquaintance”


On the afternoon of July 20, the 5th “Xishan Book Club” of Confucius Academy was held for book lovers in the digital library of Confucius Academy as scheduled. The “Xishan Book Club” invited Zhong Caijun, a Taiwanese scholar, to tell the story of Ms. Qi Bangyuan, the author of The Great Flowing River, thus leading readers to interpret this personal biography “with great historical sadness”. Zhou Zhijiang, member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, presided over the book club.

“At that time, when I first attended Ms. Qi Bangyuan’s class, I never thought this gentle and honest woman in cheongsam would experience the sufferings and sorrows described in the book.” Zhong Caijun met Ms. Qi Bangyuan when he was a graduate student, and was lucky enough to be taught by Ms. Qi Bangyuan.

Zhong Caijun introduced Ms. Qi Bangyuan’s ups and downs – from a displaced and suffering woman to a wife and a mother, and a literary master to book lovers from such aspects as life and emotion, teaching and communication, and interpersonal relationship. “I hope you can read this book carefully and feel the history of displacement and the nourishment through Ms. Qi Bangyuan’s literature work –The Great Flowing River.”

Bookmarks were also prepared at the event site, and new books of The Great Flowing River were given as gifts to book lovers, which was a delightful surprise. At the end of the book fair, the book lovers also enthusiastically shared their feelings after reading The Great Flowing River and expressed their admiration for Ms. Qi Bangyuan.

It is said that the “Xishan Book Club” is another brand activity of new culture launched by Confucius Academy. Guests and book lovers will be invited to participate in each session of the activity to share their reading experience or tell stories about people and books, aiming at promoting reading for all and providing a space for book lovers to “share reading” in the city. The activity will be held once a month, ten sessions in total in 2019. Book lovers can participate by calling the hotline for registration.