Six Hundred Children Attended the “First Writing Ceremony” Held in Confucius Academy


From July 19 to 20, nearly 600 children from Guiyang New Century Kindergarten and Guiyang Zhongtian Kindergarten, dressed in Hanfu, traditional Chinese clothing, held a “First Writing Ceremony” at Guiyang Confucius Academy to enlighten the children with solemn etiquette.

The “First Writing Ceremony” is an extremely grand ceremony in ancient times, commonly known as “Enlightenment”. It is of great significance to every learner and is called one of the three important rituals in life. The theme of this “First Writing Ceremony” activity is “Respecting etiquette and inheriting energy”. The aim is to encourage students to set high goals, build up character, respect morality, learn tradition, understand ethics and promote harmony.

At the activity site, following the guidance of the master of the ceremony, the children chanted the Disciple Gauge together, dressed properly, worshipped the teachers of the older generation, enlightened with vermilion, and wrote the Chinese character “人” (Human). In the solemn ceremony and the blessing from teachers and parents, the children entered a new period in their lives.