Thirty New Couples Hold Traditional Wedding Ceremony in Confucius Academy


On August 7, the 2019 Chinese Wedding Ceremony of Guiyang Confucius Academy was held, which coincided with the Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi). Thirty couples from inside and outside Guizhou Province held a traditional and elegant wedding ceremony in the Etiquette Square of Confucius Academy.

At eight o’clock in the morning, the Etiquette Square of Confucius Academy was in the air of joy. There are elements of a traditional Chinese wedding everywhere, including red lanterns, paper-cuttings in the pattern of Chinese character “囍” (happiness), gourds and scissors (used for cut hairs). The couples in traditional Chinese wedding dress were making final preparations for the ceremony.

At 9:28 a.m., as the host of the ceremony gave a toast, the 30 couples went through Lingxing Gate and stepped into Pan Bridge. Then, each of them got a spoon of water from the basin and pour it to the lotuses in Pan Pond. This is a tradition of the Chinese wedding called “并莲同心”, meaning the couples will be happy forever and have many babies.

The couples walked up the steps hand in hand. Looking at the statue of Confucius, they passed through Dacheng Gate. After the traditional ceremony, they went into the Etiquette Square.

At last, the host gave each of them a marriage certificate accredited by Confucius Academy and they signed their names on it. This certificate is both an oath to their lover and a witness of their traditional wedding in Confucius Academy. The Academy wish them to be happy and be together forever.

Specially, the Confucius Academy prepared a wedding book for each couple. The bridegroom stood in the left and the bride stood in the right, holding the wedding book together and posing a gesture in the shape of a heart. After that, they put their handprints on the book and write their love mottos on it, which means they will love and live with each other forever. The Confucius Academy would keep those memorable wedding books.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Ceremony is one of the four major ceremonies held by Confucius Academy. It has been held seven times since 2013. Over 300 new couples, attracted by its sense of ceremony, experience and solemnity, got married in such an ancient way. It aims at communicating traditional Chinese culture and displaying Chinese etiquette.