Experts and Journalists throughout the Country Retracing Wang Yangming’s Way of Apprehending the Philosophy of Mind


On August 26, the activity themed on “Coming to Guizhou for retracing Wang Yangming’s way of apprehending the philosophy of mind” ofthe Third Book Fair of Confucius Academy·Sinology was officially launched in Guiyang. Experts and journalists throughout the country would retrace Wang’s steps, recall what he had seen and heard, and experience the special charm of his philosophy and Guizhou’s culture from different aspects.

Experts participating in the activity include Liang Heng, former Deputy Editor-in-chief of People’s Daily, Xu Qi, Executive Chairman of Academic Committee of Guiyang Confucius Academy, Li Chenggui, Director of Philosophy Department and Religious Studies Department of Nanjing University and Qian Ming, Vice-Dean of the Qishan Wang Yangming Research Institute in Zhejiang province. Besides, journalists from People’s Daily, and IFENG.CO will also communicate, reflect on and comprehend Yangming’s philosophy with experts.

Five hundred years ago, Wang Yangming apprehended the truth in Longchang and established the Philosophy of the Mind and the practical philosophy of Knowledge as Action in Guiyang. His thoughts, as an important part of Confucianism, have greatly influenced Guizhou, China, East Asia and even the world. Now, his philosophy has become a major symbol of Guizhou’s culture.

Wang Yangming’s life in Guizhou can be divided into different periods of being demoted to Guizhou, living, apprehending the truth, as well as giving lectures in Longchang, imparting in Guiyang, spreading Yangming philosophy and being reinstated in office. He has left stories, thoughts, poems as well as articles and made friends in each period. The activity especially includes places such as Guiyang, Huangping, Zhenyuan, Qianxi and Xiuwen, which are of great significance in Wang’s experience in Guizhou and have well preserved historical relics.

From August 26-29, experts and journalists will visit Feiyun Cliff in Huangping, Zhenyuan, Xiang Memorial Temple in Supu Town, Qianxi, Longchang in Xiuwen, Longgang Academy as well as Nan’an Temple in Guiyang. At the end of the activity, they will have a symposium to conduct an in-depth discussion on the trip of “retracing Yangming’s philosophy”.