Seminar on Local Libraries under the Third Book Fair of Confucius Academy·Sinology of 2019 Held in Guiyang Confucius Academy


On August 29, Seminar on Local Libraries under the Third Book Fair of Confucius Academy·Sinology of 2019 was held in Guiyang Confucius Academy. Editors-in-chief of nine libraries from eight provinces such as Sichuan, Hunan, Shaanxi and Guizhou, as well as leaders of related publishing houses, came to Confucius Academy to provide suggestions for the compilation, publication and distribution of local libraries. During the seminar, a collaborative system for editing and publishing local libraries was initiated.

In recent years, many batches of local libraries have been issued as the major cultural projects in various regions. During the Book Fair of Confucius Academy of this year, the first joint exhibition and seminar of local libraries of China will be held, presenting the achievements in this field. The exhibition will include Complete Library of Sichuan by Sichuan Province, Library of Guanzhong School by Shaanxi Province, Hunan Library by Hunan Province, Hubei Library by Hubei Province, Chongqing Library by Chongqing, Guangzhou Library by Guangdong Province, Hainan Library by Hainan Province, as well as Guizhou Library and Zunyi Library by Guizhou Province.

In the seminar, the participants, focusing on the theme of “gathering the cultural treasures throughout the country and build a diversified and harmonious world”, expressed their views on topics including current situation and thoughts on local library publishing, the future idea of local library publishing and local cultural database, the crisis on inheritance of local library publishing and digital response, as well as how to encourage social forces to participate in the construction of public cultural service system.

Shu Dagang, editor-in-chief of the Complete Library of Sichuan and professor of Sichuan University, said that culture is the deep memory of a nation; scholarship is the spirit and soul of a nation; and literature is the main carrier of scholarship and culture. The nation will be prosperous and powerful as its culture and scholarship flourish, which rely on the compilation of literature.

Liu Xuezhi, editor-in-chief of Library of Guanzhong School and professor of Shaanxi Normal University, suggested that the compilation of literature should be based on academic research and selected according to neo-confucianism. The problem of how to maintain the integrity of literature while highlighting the essence of literature equals to the question of how to condense the literature while remaining its nature. It is a problem worth paying attention to and thinking about.

Gu Jiu, former president of Guizhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles, former curator of Guizhou Research Institute of Culture and History, and editor-in-chief of Guizhou Library, introduced that comparing with the surrounding provinces; Guizhou actually has little experience on the compilation of literature due to its late establishment. However, it is not weak in culture. The publication project of Guizhou Library, which was launched in 2016, is the first literature compilation project initiated by an official institution in the history of Guizhou. With a large number of experts participating, the historical documents of Guizhou have been collected, sorted out and published in a systematic way, also of the biggest scale ever, filling the blank in Guizhou's cultural history with the integrated publications of ancient books and classics.

After the seminar, 10 participating institutions from all over the country set up a collaborative system for editing and publishing of local libraries and initiated a platform for communication, resource and information sharing, learning from each other and achieving collaborative development, so as to promote the editing and publishing of local libraries.