Seven Hundred Freshmen of Junior Middle School Chanting the Classics in Confucius Academy as Their First Class of the New Term


On August 21, a total of 700 freshmen from Huaxi No. 1 Middle School had their study tour to Guiyang Confucius Academy. The students stood in the pattern of “70” and “国庆” (which means National Day in English) and chanted the classics of Sinology such as Standards for Students to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of our country, launching their first class of traditional culture in the new term.

During the study tour organized by Huaxi No. 1 Middle School, students not only chanted the classics to celebrate the National Day, but also visited cultural exhibition halls such as Confucius, Confucian Exhibition Hall, Yangming Museum and Xiangxian Temple. The school aims at practicing core socialist values in depth, developing students’ patriotism and carrying forward excellent traditional Chinese culture.

In the Xiangxian Temple, students had a lot of interactions with commentators and learned about the distinguished scholars of Guizhou, thus having a general understanding of the culture and history of Guizhou. In the Confucius Exhibition Hall, students learned and experienced traditional culture through the multimedia presentation.