The First Writing Ceremony of Confucius Academy Held in Guiyang Baiyun No. 2 Primary School


On September 12, Guiyang Confucius Academy held the first writing ceremony in No. 2 Primary School in Baiyun District of Guiyang. Hundreds of new students entered a new stage of learning and growth after the ceremony. More than 200 parents and over 1,600 students attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Shi Jing, deputy director of the Promotion Department of the Culture Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, presented the customized Confucius statue ordered by Confucius Academy for this activity to No. 2 Primary School, and Hu Shaochao, Principal of No. 2 Primary School, received the gift. Afterwards, hundreds of new first graders at the scene completed the first important etiquette in their lives by performing traditional etiquette activities, such as “dressing properly”, “cinnabar enlighten wisdom” and writing the Chinese character “人” (which means “human” in English).

Hu Shaochao, Principal of No. 2 Primary School, said in his speech that this was the third first writing ceremony held in No. 2 Primary School. The aim for holding the opening ceremony today is to combine the celebration of the Teachers’ Day with the Mid-Autumn Festival activities, thus further inheriting the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, carrying forward the fashion of respecting teachers in the new era and demonstrating the cultural confidence of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

It is reported that in the autumn of 2017, Confucius Academy introduced the “first writing ceremony” into schools and communities. In the past two years, the ceremony has been successively held in more than 10 schools, including Guiyang Experimental Primary School, Jiaxiu Primary School and Xiuwen Experimental Primary School, achieving good social effects. This year, the first writing ceremony of Confucius Academy will also be held in four schools, including Guiyang Shengfulu Primary School, to enlighten more than 2,000 first graders.