The Symposium on Yangming Study and Academy Culture and the Fifth National Academy Forum Held at Confucius Academy


The Symposium on Yangming Study and Academy Culture and the Fifth National Academy Forum was held at Confucius Academy on November 3. More than 80 experts and scholars across China gathered here to conduct extensive and in-depth research and discussion on the theory and culture of Yangming study and academy, and actively promote the research and development of Yangming study and academy.

At the opening ceremony, Suo Xiaoxia, Director of Culture Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, welcomed experts and scholars on behalf of the organizers. Suo Xiaoxia said that the symposium focused on topics of theoretical interest and practical value, such as “Yangming study and academy culture”, “Yangming study and regional culture”. It is beyond doubt that the symposium represents the cutting-edge academic development of the research field of Yangming study and academy culture. Meanwhile, it is not only an academic activity with academic value and ideological significance, but also a platform to promote mutual communication and dialogue, hoping to push “Yangming study and academy culture study” to a new height.

Luo Changjiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Guizhou University, said in his speech that Mr. Wang Yangming had made great contributions to Guizhou’s cultural communication and educational development by establishing Longgang Academy in Guizhou. People gathered here today to discuss and exchange opinions on Yangming study and academy culture. This not only corresponds with the original ideological outlook and fundamental spirit of Yangming study, but also undoubtedly serves as an important guidance for the future development of ideological culture and education.

Liu Qiang, Professor of Chinese Department of Tongji University, said that the First National Academy Forum was held in Shanghai in 2015, and the forum had been held for five times consecutively, serving as a platform for academic exchanges among academy culture research experts and scholars. He hoped that at this forum, everyone could speak out freely and have in-depth discussions on Yangming study and academy culture.

In the following two days after the opening ceremony, the experts and scholars had group academic discussions on Yangming study and academy culture, the ideology and communication of Wang Yangming and his successors, Yangming study and regional culture, academy culture and history, the spreading and regionalization of academy and Confucianism, compilation of academy literature, Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism of the Song and Ming dynasties and relevant topics.