Annual Conference of 2019 Academic Committee of Confucius Academy Held


The annual academic conference of Confucius Academy in 2019 was held on November 2, 2019. Eighteen academic members from famous domestic universities and academic institutions gathered in Confucius Academy to summarize the academic work of 2019, make plans for academic research and development in 2020, and elect the new term of academic members for Confucius Academy. Guo Qiyong, Chairman of Academic Committee of Confucius Academy, and Xu Qi, Executive Chairman presided over the conference.

At the conference, members of the academic committee of Confucius Academy voted by raising hands to approve the list of the new term of members of the academic committee: Guo Qiyong, Chairman of the Committee, Xu Qi, Executive Chairman, Xiao Libin, Secretary-General, Long Hua, Deputy Secretary-General, Zhang Faxian, Deputy Secretary-General; and the secretariat consists of relevant staff members of Confucius Academy.

It is known that the Academic Committee of the Confucius Academy is the academic deliberative body of Confucius Academy. Since the founding of the academic committee in 2014, the members have been committed to performing relevant functions, providing excellent guidance, consultation and decision-making functions for academic activities of the Confucius Academy, such as research, exchange and publication, actively promoting the academic and cultural development of Confucius Academy, and making significant contributions to Confucius Academy. The academic committee charter stipulates that each term of office of the committee members is five years.

Guo Qiyong said the academic committee has played a positive role in promoting the development of Confucius Academy and achieved good results thanks to our joint efforts over the last year. We hope that the new term of academic committee members strives to promote the academic cause of Confucius Academy to a new level and contribute to the inheritance and promotion of excellent traditional Chinese culture.

At the conference, Xu Qi delivered the report entitled with “2019 Academic Work Report of Confucius Academy”. According to the report, under the guidance of creative transformation and innovative development in 2019, Confucius Academy has been actively exploring, innovating and accelerating to achieve the goal of “building Confucius Academy into a training base for international high-level talents to study and spread excellent traditional Chinese culture, a high output ground for academic research achievements of excellent traditional Chinese culture, and an international academic exchange platform to promote and study excellent traditional Chinese culture”. Under the guidance of the Academic Committee of Confucius Academy, we have carried out all work solidly and orderly, and played an active role in promoting the research and spreading excellent traditional Chinese culture.

To better promote the development of Confucius Academy in academic research, the new term of academic committee members focused on the brand planning of the academic conference of Confucius Academy and the academic development of Confucius Academy in 2020, put forward valuable opinions on the academic construction, working mechanism and long-term development of Confucius Academy, and reviewed the major topics of separated studies of sinology in Guizhou philosophy and social science planning in 2020.