2020 (Year of Gengzi) Confucius Memorial Ceremony & “First Writing Ceremony” Held in Guiyang Confucius Academy


  On September 28, on the occasion of the 2571st anniversary of Confucius’ birth, 2020 (Year of Gengzi) Confucius Memorial Ceremony & “First Writing Ceremony” was held in Guiyang Confucius Academy. More than 600 representatives from all walks of life, and primary and secondary school students gathered in front of Dacheng Hall to recollect the late sage, advocate morality and propriety, and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture with practical actions.

  The Confucius Memorial Ceremony consists of four sections: I. Sacrifice, “Confucius, where the greatness and gentleness lie”; II. Eulogy, “The holy master is greatly admired”; III. First Writing Ceremony, “enlightened at the beginning of life”; IV. Public Worship, “worshiping the deceased masters and morality, advocating rites”.

  At 9:28 a.m., accompanying reading The World of Da-Tong (Dah-Torng) Section, Record of Rites, Book 9, the Dacheng Gate of Confucius Academy slowly opened, and representatives from all sectors of society stepped up to the statue of Confucius. After the sacrifice, the representatives of the guests made a big bow to Confucius, the greatest sage, and presented flower baskets in the hall to show their reverence. Professor Xu Qi, vice president of the International Confucian Association and executive chairman of the Academic Committee of Guiyang Confucius Academy, solemnly read the memorial address.

  The children from Yeya Primary School in Guiyang were dressed neatly and solemnly. They bowed to Confucius, the greatest sage. The enlightenment teacher dotted red cinnabar on their forehead, with the best wish that they would be sharp-eyed, clear-headed and curious, with a good academic record and lofty aspirations. After that, demonstrated by the teacher, the children wrote down the first big character in their lives - “人” (human), and received the certificate of “First Writing Ceremony” and the blessing of the elderly. Since then, they have embarked on the journey of enlightenment and dream seeking.

  A representative of Confucius descendants was invited to attend the ceremony. “I always keep my ancestor’s virtue in mind as my life standard.” As Confucius’ 77th generation of descendants, Kong Deqing said that he was very excited and honored to participate in the activities as a descendant of Confucius. The inheritance of Confucian culture has positive significance for the construction of a harmonious society, and it is also the duty and mission of Chinese people, especially the descendants of Confucius like us.