A Ceremony to Appreciate Guiyang Confucius Academy’s Donation of Pingpo Miao Paintings Held in NAMOC


  On the afternoon of October 9, a special ceremony was held in Hall 1 of National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). Ms. An Yuanyuan, Deputy Director of NAMOC, on behalf of Director Wu Weishan, presented a certificate of appreciation to Ms. Suo Xiaoxia, Director of Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy for its strong support for “Support Education with Art: An Exhibition of Artistic Works on Poverty Alleviation at NAMOC”, recommended Pingpo Miao paintings for exhibition and donated some of these paintings.

  At the exhibition hall of “Support Education with Art: An Exhibition of Artistic Works on Poverty Alleviation at NAMOC”, 10 Pingpo Miao paintings are being displayed. They are invited by NAMOC as a result of “Four Activities” Program carried out by Confucius Academy recently: collecting Pingpo Miao paintings; shooting a feature film of Pingpo Miao paintings; publishing an album of Pingpo Miao paintings; and holding “The Psalm of Life from Optimists: Exhibition of Pingpo Miao Paintings” in the Art Hall of Confucius Academy on July 28. The 10 paintings on display were carefully selected from more than 100 Pingpo Miao paintings collected by Confucius Academy.

  Ms. Suo Xiaoxia expressed her gratitude to NAMOC for inviting Confucius Academy to show 10 Pingpo Miao paintings in the “Support Education with Art: An Exhibition of Artistic Works on Poverty Alleviation at NAMOC”. She believed that Pingpo Miao paintings’ being exhibited in the national top art museum this time not only created a high-end platform for more people to know folk paintings of Miao ethnic group and find cultural characteristics of Guizhou, but also strengthened cultural confidence of painters in Pingpo and motivated them to inherit culture. All Miao painters invited by NAMOC are from Miao villages in Pingpo, Guizhou. With distinctive features of Miao culture, their works are about the construction of beautiful countryside as well as the fight against the covid-19. This is one part of the various rich activities held by Confucius Academy to promote excellent traditional Chinese culture, accorded with the original intention of Confucius Academy’s plan of “supporting education with art” for Pingpo Miao paintings. It also marks the extension from national policy to local practices.

  During the event, Chen Lyusheng, former Deputy Director of National Museum of China and a famous art historian, congratulated Pingpo Miao paintings for being exhibited at NAMOC and gave high praise of them, especially their recent theme of the fight against the pandemic. He said that no other paintings about the fight by professional Chinese painters could surpass Pingpo Miao paintings. He also praised Guiyang Confucius Academy for recognizing the local folk art with their unique vision and accurate judgement and sparing no effort to promote the “Four Activities” Program in a short time and develop it to “Four Plus One Activities” Program. The “One” referred to the donation ceremony today that would promote Pingpo Miao paintings to the forefront of contemporary Chinese art. Confucius Academy had done much more than it, and its precious work in discovering, regulating, researching and promoting Pingpo Miao paintings could be even kept in the world. He believed that Confucius Academy could have a good start with cultural confidence and meanwhile NAMOC could enrich its collection of folk art to present the full landscape of Chinese art.

  Zhao Hui, Director of Collection Department of NAMOC, Liu Ying, Deputy Research Fellow of NAMOC and Deputy Secretary-General of Folk Arts and Crafts Committee of China National Arts and Crafts Society, and related staff of NAMOC, as well as Xiao Libin, Deputy Director of Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, Wang Birong, Special Consultant of Cultural Communication Center and other experts and scholars attended the donation ceremony.

  It is learned that NAMOC will issue certificates of collection to Pingpo Miao painters in due course.