Scholars Gathered Together to Discuss Development during Annual Conference of 2020 Academic Committee of Confucius Academy at Confucius Academy


  On November 14, the annual academic conference of Confucius Academy in 2020 was held at Dacheng Jingshe Cottage. Members of Academic Committee of Confucius Academy from dozens of famous universities and research institutions nationwide gathered at Confucius Academy to review the work of the Committee in 2020 and conduct in-depth discussions on the “14th Five-Year Plan” of Confucius Academy, the contemporary value and practice of the popularization of classics and academic life and selection of books for Guiyang Confucian Academy Press in 2021. Xu Qi, Executive Chairman of the Committee, presided over the conference.

  At the conference, Xu Qi delivered the report entitled with “2020 Academic Work Report of Confucius Academy”. According to the report, under the guidance of “creative transformation and innovative development” and “cherishing our cultural roots, drawing on other cultures, and being forward-thinking”, Confucius Academy has achieved good results in enriching content, improving quality, building brand, and expanding influence, and played a positive role in promoting the research and spreading of excellent traditional Chinese culture, cultivating and enhancing self-consciousness and self-confidence of national culture, and forming good morals.

  Members of the Committee highly appreciated the development and achievements of Confucian Academy’s academic activities in the past year and put forward their opinions and suggestions on the contemporary value and practice of the popularization of classics and academic life.

  “Confucian Academy face the reality, attach importance to problems in real life, and pursue the purity, instead of quantities, of refinement.” Ding Weixiang, Professor of Shaanxi Normal University said that academic research should pay attention not only to theoretical research but also to current practical problems and strive to create a distinctive academic brand.

  In terms of academic development, Dong Ping, Professor of Philosophy of Zhejiang University, believes that academics should not only be discussed in the “salon” but also truly enter the daily life of ordinary people and exert its due cultural effects among the public.

  How to make academic research of Confucian Academy available to the public? Zhu Hanmin, Professor of Yuelu Academy of Hunan University, proposed that Confucius School should make full use of the power of the Internet and new media to expand the academic influence of Confucian Academy.

  “When studying cultures of ethnic minorities in terms of phenomena, we would find their mutual influence and integration with many traditional mainstream cultures if deeply involved in. We have much to study in this area from the perspective of communication.” Suo Xiaoxia, Director and Party Secretary of Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, said that attention should be paid to the culture of ethnic minorities in the content of the topic.

  At the end of the annual meeting, Xu Qi noted that Confucius Academy would continue to look for and make up for its shortcomings, forge ahead in an innovative spirit, and adhere to a down-to-earth working style to push its academic activities to a new level, in the hope to make more brilliant achievements in the future.

  In addition, the annual meeting also carried out in-depth discussions on the Review Meeting of Major Topics on Chinese Studies of 2021 Philosophy and Social Science Planning of Guizhou Province and the “14th Five-Year Plan” of Confucius Academy, and publicly solicited opinions on topics of books of Guiyang Confucian Academy Press in 2021.

  It is learnt that the Academic Committee of the Confucius Academy is the academic deliberative body of Confucius Academy. Since the founding of the Committee in 2014, the members have been committed to performing relevant functions, providing excellent guidance, consultation and decision-making functions for academic activities of the Confucius Academy, such as research, exchange and publication, actively promoting the academic and cultural development of Confucius Academy, and making significant contributions to Confucius Academy.