Guiyang Confucius Academy Received “Spread of Sinology: Public Work Award” of the 4th Global Sinology Ceremony for Chinese


  On the afternoon of November 28, 2020, the award ceremony of “Tribute to Sinology: The 4th Global Sinology Ceremony for Chinese” was held at Chinese Academy of History, Beijing. Guiyang Confucius Academy was honored “Spread of Sinology: Public Work Award”.

  Global Sinology Ceremony for Chinese, initiated by, Phoenix TV and Yuelu Academy, invites well-known scholars and elites from all walks of life at home and abroad and is committed to exploring ways of the spread of sinology and cultural innovation through various events, including the selection of “Global Sinology Award for Chinese”, series of summit forums, and lectures on humanities. As a large-scale biennial cultural public event, it has been held three times. With Xu Jialu, Vice Chairman of Standing Committee of the 9th and 10th National People’s Congress, acting as the General Adviser, the 4th Global Sinology Ceremony for Chinese, hosted by Yuelu Academy,, and Dunhe Foundation, was officially launched in May this year. Themed with “Tribute to Sinology, Inheritance and Innovation, Mutual Learning of Civilizations, and Reconstruction of a Cultured Society”, the event is expected to make traditional culture less unrealistic and more applicable to the current world at this special moment; expand the extension of sinology, motivate young scholars and activate traditional culture to benefit people today with new perspectives, ideas, technologies, achievements, and means of communication; and activate cultural resources, facilitate the economy and people’s livelihood, and promote positive exchanges between Chinese civilization and other civilizations in the world by engaging industries of culture, tourism, creations, museums in academic, transmission and public service activities.

  The ceremony this year sets up three major awards including Sinology Lifetime Achievement Award, Sinology Achievement Award and Spread of Sinology Award, and Sinology Prospect Award. Among them, Spread of Sinology Award is open to the public for selection, with criteria of “activating traditional resources, promoting Chinese education, serving the society and people’s livelihood, and motivating mutual learning of civilizations” and categories of “Overseas Influence Award”, “Excellent Spread Award” and “Public Work Award”. After months of selection procedures from nomination, recommendation, voting to final evaluation by the judging panel, Guiyang Confucius Academy won “Spread of Sinology: Public Work Award”.

  In an exclusive interview with, Suo Xiaoxia, Director of Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, said that since its inception and opening, Guiyang Confucius Academy had always adhered to the principles of “allowing the past to serve the present, and bringing forth the new through the old”, and been engaged in promoting the “creative transformation and innovative development” of excellent traditional Chinese culture. Through public cultural events such as lectures for local citizens, folklore activities, cultural exhibitions, education and training, and academic events such as research project bidding, resident research and training, high-end forums, publications of books, magazines and periodicals, it had formed its own characteristics and been widely recognized in inheriting and promoting excellent traditional Chinese culture and enhancing the influence of Chinese culture. All of its achievements were inseparable from the guidance of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Guiyang Municipal Party Committee, as well as assistance and support from industry experts, scholars and associated organization. The award belonged to all experts and scholars who were concerned about the development of Confucius Academy and peers in the same field who were committed to the spread of excellent traditional Chinese culture. She expressed the hope that everyone would work together and continue to make contributions to the interpretation and development of value of the times of excellent traditional Chinese culture and promotion of positive exchanges between Chinese civilization and other civilizations in the world.