More Than 50 Pieces of Works of Young and Middle-aged Painters in Guizhou Exhibited at Confucius Academy


  The first painting exhibition of Confucius Academy of 2021 was held as scheduled. On January 15th, “Xishan Hanji - An Impression of Qian’s Voyage: Exhibition of Chinese Paintings of Young and Middle-aged Groups in Guizhou” (hereafter referred to as the Exhibition) officially kicked off at Arts Hall of Confucius Academy. It exhibited 58 paintings covering different themes and 20 specially-invited pieces of works, which fully demonstrated the characteristics of the times and innovative spirit of works by young and middle-aged painters in Guizhou.

  From June 2020, the Exhibition started collecting Chinese paintings from young and middle-aged painters throughout Guizhou Province. As of the opening of the Exhibition, more than 300 pieces of works were received. After a rigorous review by the judging panel, 81 award-winning works were selected. Among them, 58 pieces of works were singled out for exhibition, including 3 paintings winning the gold award, 6 paintings winning the silver award, 9 paintings winning the bronze award, and 40 paintings winning the award of excellence.

  Zhou Zhijiang, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, said that since its inception several years ago, the brand of Xishan Hanji exhibition has held dozens of well-received calligraphy and painting exhibitions. He believed that the works on display this time showed the creative achievements of the young and middle-aged painters in Guizhou in recent years and featured their perception and expression of life and art.

  In the opinion of Shen Hongwei, Chairman of Guizhou Artists Association, the Exhibition provides an opportunity for young and middle-aged painters in Guizhou to make their public appearance and a platform for them to communicate with eac

h other and keep forging ahead. “I hope to discover and introduce new talents through this exhibition, to better promote young and middle-aged art talents in Guizhou to the whole nation.”

  It is learned that the Exhibition is hosted by Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Guizhou Federation of Literature and Art Circles, and organized by the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, Huaxi District Committee of the CPC, Guiyang City, People’s Government of Huaxi District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Artists Association, Guizhou Painting Institute and Publicity Department of Huaxi District Committee of the CPC, Guiyang City. The Exhibition will last until February 25th. Citizens who are interested are welcome to visit Yiwen Hall of Confucius Academy.