“Guian District of Guiyang City from the Perspective of Taiwan Media” Event at Confucius Academy

  On May 27th, the 5th “Guian District of Guiyang City from the Perspective of Taiwan Media” event invited eight journalists from Taiwan media, including CTV, China Times, TVBS, ETtoday, and China Daily News, to visit Guiyang Confucius Academy and interview and film its Cross-Strait Exchange Base.

  It is learned that the event specially invited media from Taiwan to Guian District to report its development in excellent traditional culture from Taiwan media professionals’ perspective and to better publicize its new achievements and new look.

  During the interview, the unique architecture of traditional characteristics of Confucius Academy left a deep impression on the interviewers. The visiting delegation commented that Confucius Academy featured the rich cultural deposits of traditional culture in its overall atmosphere. The ubiquitous Confucianism and Yangming culture in the park fully demonstrated the extensive and profound excellent traditional Chinese culture.

  According to reports, Guiyang Confucius Academy has become an important place for cultural exchanges between Guizhou and Taiwan since its inception. After establishing its Cross-Strait Exchange Base in 2014, it has made full use of the advantages of Confucianism in cultural resources and played a positive role in promoting and developing exchanges and cooperation between Guizhou and Taiwan.