Xishan Book Club of Confucius Academy on the Culture of Mid-Autumn Festival Held at Primary School


  On September 17, as the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2021 was approaching, the 23rd Xishan Book Club of Confucius Academy was held at Huaxi No. 2 Primary School (Vanke Campus). Students learned the origin, legends, customs, and culture of the festival through quizzes and DIY crafts.

  During the event, students watched three animated videos on the origin, cultural stories, and customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which explained knowledge of the festival in a way that is popular among them.

  “What are alternative names for Mid-Autumn Festival except for Moon Festival?” “Reunion Festival” and “Mooncake Festival”. After each animation, the award-winning quiz about Mid-Autumn Festival attracted students to actively participate in, which deepened their understanding of excellent traditional Chinese culture in the interactive race.

  To allow students to experience the fun of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the staff of Xishan Book Club also led them to make lanterns themed with the festival. After the step-by-step building of the structure, fixing, and assembly, the lanterns began to take shape. The students carried the delicate and lovely lanterns and smiled with pride and joy.

  “The lantern not only conveys festive greetings and blessings but also presents the promotion and inheritance of traditional culture.” Liao Hongling, a staff member of Xishan Book Club of Confucius Academy, told the reporter that this event incorporated the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and traditional culture into animation, interaction, and DIY crafts. They hope that through the way that is interesting to students, the event will enhance their understanding of the Mid-Autumn Festival and enable them to experience the cultural charm of traditional Chinese festivals in interactions.