Mid-Autumn Festival Traditional Cultural Event of Confucius Academy Attracted Hundreds of Thousands People to Participate in


  From September 10 to 21, 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Traditional Cultural Event of Confucius Academy, with the focus of “riddle guessing culture,” presented a variety of fun festive online and offline activities, and involved a total of 1.6 million people in, bringing a quality Mid-Autumn Festival cultural feast to local citizens and tourists.

  Presenting a traditional cultural feast with various activities to citizens and tourists during the Mid-Autumn Festival is a regular program of Confucius Academy. Such feast has become an inevitable choice of citizens and tourists in recent years. To prepare for the offline event and implement measures of “Strengthening the Provincial Capital” strategy of Guizhou Province and Guiyang City, Confucius Academy adopted the “going out” scheme and worked with Jiaxiu Tower, a well-known cultural landmark in Guiyang to carry out activities including garden tour and riddle guessing, so as to enhance the sense of fulfillment, happiness, and security of citizens in Guiyang, and make positive contributions to creating a beautiful and colorful Guizhou where its people live a prosperous life.

  As the journalist approached the Jiaxiu Tower and Cuiwei Garden, pieces of papers written with riddles with brushes and posted on the lanterns hung in the garden came into view, and gave the elegant ancient Cuiwei Garden festive atmosphere. Citizens and tourists entered the garden in a steady stream. Some of them would stop to think about the answer to the riddle. Anyone who had solutions to the riddles was overwhelmed with joy. Activities of moon-cake making and lantern making appealed to children and their parents. Surrounded by green trees, parents guided their children to make moon-cakes or lanterns and experience the fun of traditional customs and taught them the meaning of Mid-Autumn Festival culture and family reunion.

  On September 10, Confucius Academy launched an online interactive event to guess the answers to riddles written on lanterns and win awards for the Mid-Autumn Festival, which attracted nearly ten thousand people to participate in. From September 18 to 20, it posted a public lecture themed with “Mid-Autumn Festival and Ci (a type of classical Chinese poetry) about the Festival in Qing Dynasty” that attracted 30,000 listeners, and live-streamed a public lecture about “Skills and Appreciation of Chinese Lantern Riddle Guessing” that more than 1.2 million people viewed.

  Zhai Jia, Director of the Marketing Department of Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, said that as one of the first new-era civilization practice centers in Guiyang, Confucius Academy implemented the “going out” scheme that brought traditional culture to communities and citizens, allowing them to celebrate the traditional cultural festival in their neighborhood, enabling traditional culture to serve the public better, and promoting civilization practices in the new era in communities. In addition, as the Cross-Strait Exchange Base, it invited friends from Taiwan in Guizhou, and many of them actively participated in the offline garden tour event.