2021 Confucius Memorial Ceremony Held in Guiyang Confucius Academy


  On September 28, on the 2572nd anniversary of Confucius Birthday, Guiyang Confucius Academy held the 2021 (Year of Xinchou) Confucius Memorial Ceremony. More than 200 representatives from all walks of life gathered at the Etiquette Square to recite the classics and pay tribute to the sage.

  The ceremony of offering sacrifices to Confucius is a grand ceremony held by the Chinese nation to honor and cherish the memory of Confucius, the greatest sage and teacher. Its origin can be traced back to 478 BC, the second year after Confucius’ death when Duke Ai of the State of Lu converted Confucius’ former residence into a temple and made it a place for worshiping Confucius.

  At 9:28, accompanying the announcement of the priest, Dacheng Gate of Confucius Academy slowly opened, and people stepped up and arranged clothes solemnly before the statue of Confucius in Dacheng Hall. Guided by the priest, they provide sacrificial offerings, made a big bow to Confucius, presented flower baskets, and recited memorial address. Subsequently, Professor Xu Qi, Vice Chairman of International Confucian Association and Executive Chairman of the Academic Committee of Confucius Academy, read the memorial address in honor of Confucius.