Annual Conference of 2021 Academic Committee of Confucius Academy Held


  On October 6, the annual conference of the Academic Committee of Confucius Academy (hereafter referred to as the Committee) in 2021 was held. Twenty-four members of the Committee from renowned universities and research institutions nationwide gathered at Confucius Academy to review the past and formulate a plan for the future, with a focus on the high-quality development of research on traditional culture in the new era. Chairman of the Committee Guo Qiyong and Executive Chairman Xu Qi presided over the meeting successively. Suo Xiaoxia, Party Secretary and Director of the Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, attended the conference.

  During the conference, the Committee co-opted new members, including Li Chunlin, Liu Qiang, Sun Jinsong, Yin Hui, Song Lilin, and Xu Jiaxing, listened to the report on the academic work of Confucius Academy in 2021, discussed and planned the brand of academic activities of Confucius Academy, book topics of Confucius Academy Bookstores and research projects on Sinology of Guizhou provincial philosophy and social science program in the next year, and held a seminar on “how to better combine contemporary Chinese Marxism with excellent traditional Chinese culture.”

  Xu Qi summarized the work of Confucius Academy in 2021 from six aspects, namely participation of colleges and universities in research, foreign cooperation and exchanges, organization of academic activities, outcomes of academic research, academic brand building, and publication of academic journals. He pointed out that this year, Confucius Academy vigorously innovated its working methods and ways of communication, and carefully organized various academic activities, effectively promoting academic exchanges, achieving high-quality academic outcomes, and further enhancing its academic brand.

  Based on the unique advantages of Confucius Academy, members of the Committee conducted a discussion on how to inherit and promote traditional culture under the new situation, to utilize advantages of the platform to produce and transform academic results and to train and attract excellent research talents on traditional talents. They put forward their opinions and suggestions for new development.

  Guo Qiyong said that in the new era, Confucius Academy should always follow the development guidance of “creative transformation and innovative development” and “cherishing our cultural roots, drawing on other cultures, and being forward-thinking” in its academic research work, steadily pushing forward academic research and innovating ways and methods for academic research, at the same time, improving the influence and transformation of academic outcomes, allowing excellent traditional culture to keep pace with the times and outcomes of cultural development to benefit the public.

  In addition, in the seminar on “how to better combine contemporary Chinese Marxism with excellent traditional Chinese culture,” scholars focused on the characteristics of and needs in the new era and discussed practices of combining Marxism with traditional Chinese culture in the history of China, and how to scientifically understand and respond to the relationship between the two.