“Our Festival: Double Ninth Festival” Confucius Academy Held 2021 Respecting the Elderly Ceremony


  On October 14, Respecting the Elderly and Following Family Tradition in the Double Ninth Festival - “Our Festival: Double Ninth Festival” 2021 Respecting the Elderly Ceremony of Confucius Academy was held at the square of Zhongtian Garden Apartment. A total of eight model families of three generations celebrated the festival together with citizens, leading the inheritance of traditional Chinese filial piety and promotion of excellent Chinese family traditions.

  “九” (jiu, meaning nine in Chinese) is a homonym to “久长久远” (jiu chang jiu yuan), and the Double Ninth Festival, also known as Chongyang Festival, takes place every year on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month and contains the auspicious meaning of longevity and dignity. The festival embodies the everlasting affection and demeanor of the Chinese nation that “treats the elders as they ought to be treated.”

  Family has always been valued by the Chinese nation. As the saying goes, “the root of the world is in the state, the root of the state is in the family.” Harmony in a family makes everything successful. During the event, accompanied by the beautiful melody of A Century of Change and The Youth, every family shared their sweet and moving stories about family traditions.

  With the ceremony’s commencement, the old people were seated in the hall while their descendants kowtowed to them, presented them with tea and cakes, adorned their hair with flowers, and prepared gifts for them. Such warmth moved everyone present.

  After the ceremony, old people gave performances of singing and dancing to citizens present at the event. They were full of energy and enthusiasm, which demonstrated the positive and optimistic attitude of old people.

  It is learned that as one of the first new-era civilization practice centers in Guiyang, Confucius Academy implemented the “going out” scheme that brought traditional culture to communities and citizens, allowing them to celebrate the traditional cultural festival in their neighborhood, enabling traditional culture to serve the public better, and promoting civilization practices in the new era in communities.