Traditional Chinese Wedding Successfully held by Confucius Academy on Start of Winter (Chinese: 立冬)


  On November 7, the Start of Winter, 2021 Chinese wedding of Guiyang Confucius Academy was held as scheduled. With the blessings of relatives, friends and distinguished guests, 10 couples made their love commitments and formed harmonious marital tie together in an ancient ceremony.

  Before the wedding ceremony, Professor Gong Dequan, an activity consultant of Confucius Academy, introduced the traditional meaning of wedding ceremony. Since the “three letters and six rites” of the Western Zhou Dynasty, China’s marriage etiquette culture has been inherited for thousands of years. “Custom” is the source of “ritual”, and “ritual” is the systematic provision of “custom”. It’s the popularization of “ritual” and the textualization of “custom” that makes the ritual customs in marriage activities become a culture that can be inherited through human history and social life.

  Accompanied by melodious classical music, bells and drums sounded simultaneously in the morning. The lively and festive atmosphere drove away the fierce cold wind in winter, presenting a peace and well-being style. Guided by the ceremony master, pairs of newlyweds, dressed in gorgeous Chinese wedding costume, followed the ancient rites and walked gracefully and solemnly into the wedding site. After a serial of traditional programs such as walking on mats, striding over a saddle, bowing to the heaven, earth, parents and the mate, knotting hair, blessing, etc., ten pairs of newlyweds completed the ritual with full sense of ceremony and initiated a new chapter of their lives. The whole wedding was grand and solemn, gorgeous but not vulgar, happy but not noisy, displaying the extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture and its poetic and pictorial splendor.