Confucius Academy Held the 26th Session of Xishan Book Club: Experiencing the First Half of Zhang Boju’s Life


  On December 29, the 26th session of Xishan Book Club of Confucius Academy was held as scheduled to share the reading experience of A Chronicle of Zhang Boju’s Life (1898-1982) and Notes on Zhang Boju: The First Half of A Cultural Legendary Figure’s Life. Jin Fei, a famous writer, scholar, dramatist and researcher of Japanese culture, was invited as the lecturer. Nearly 50 book lovers from all over the province attended the lecture.

  A Chronicle of Zhang Boju’s Life (1898-1982) and Notes on Zhang Boju: The First Half of A Cultural Legendary Figure’s Life are created by Mr. Jin Fei through textual research and collation. Jin aims to reproduce a faithful historical account of Zhang with his all-out effort by vivid biography and notes and feelings of mutual affinity. With his rich professional knowledge, Jin sorted out Zhang’s first half of life as biographer based on conclusive and detailed historical documents. He vividly describes the first half of the legendary life of Zhang Boju, a larger-than-life figure of culture. It’s a rigorous and reliable biography, and a highly readable academic work with extremely important research value.

  At the scene, Jin summarized the two books to tell the stories of Zhang’s father and grandfather cheating in the imperial competitive examination, of his father asking him to pay Spring Festival call and proffer gifts, and of his contribution to the society. A complete, multi-faceted and profound image of Zhang was shaped for the audience, revealing the veil of the cultural figure.

  “He exchanged all his possessions for a few pieces of ‘old paper’ and dedicated the ‘old paper’ to the state. He ended up with nothing.” Jin said that Zhang loved collecting calligraphy copybooks all his life, and gave all for them as if he had been drunk and gone mad. However, he donated many precious cultural relics to the country. He truly fulfilled the virtue of selfless Chinese people and deserved everyone’s respect. In the end, Jin quoted Zhang’s poem: “Even if I fail to live up to my parent’s expectation, I’m worthy of people’s trust.” It concluded Zhang’s dedication to the motherland by shedding all his fortune.

  “This lecture deeply impresses me with Zhang’s lifetime, which benefits me a lot. The two books are rare among the excellent literary and historical works in recent years,” said Mr. Song, an audience.

  During the Q & A section, Jin answered the audience’s questions and put forward his own opinions.

  Finally, audience drew lottery on site, and the lucky fellows got Jin’s signed works as prize and souvenir.