Confucius Academy held the 27th Session of Xishan Book Club: Listening to Story of Guqin


  On January 4, the 27th session of Xishan Book Club of Confucius Academy was held in Confucius Hotel with the theme of “Creation Interview and Guqin Appreciation of Charm of Seven Strings”. Hou Nan, the editor in chief, Zhang Youqi, the executive editor, and Wu Ruojie, the deputy editor in chief of Charm of Seven Strings, were invited to share its creation process, and the little-known past of famous artists and Guqin with fans.

  Since 2003 when Chinese Guqin was included in the list of UNESCO “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”, the craze of Guqin has been set off in China, and the musical instrument has been widely inherited and promoted. At the same time, many national Guqin inheritors have entered their 80s.

  In April 2017, the research group of “Cultural Inheritance by Guiyang Confucius Academy: Looking for Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritors of Chinese Guqin” started the rescue interviews with representative inheritors. The book Charm of Seven Strings: Interview with Famous Contemporary Chinese Guqin Masters was created for the inheritance and development of Chinese Guqin art. It includes the group’s interviews with 20 contemporary famous Guqin inheritors of national level and Guqin masters of various schools, as well as the academic research results of the interviewees, and describes the rescue, inheritance and development of Chinese Guqin art by contemporary masters in an objective and systematical manner. It’s designed to keep precious archives for the inheritance and development of Chinese Guqin.

  After the sharing, students from Guiyang Tonghe Guqin Club and Xishan Guqin Club of Confucius Academy played seven famous Guqin melodies successively as a feast integrating Guqin knowledge, master interview and Guqin performance for the audience.