“Coming-of-age Ceremony” for more than 600 High School Seniors held at Confucius Academy


  On February 26, the coming-of-age ceremony and 100-day oath-taking rally of Guiyang No. 2 Middle School was held in Yangming Auditorium of Confucius Academy. At the solemn and grand ceremony, more than 600 high school seniors, accompanied by the sincere blessings from their teachers and parents, turned from “children” into “adults” who would step into the society and started a new journey in life.

  Coming-of-age ceremony commemorates the day when boys and girls become full-grown, which symbolizes the stage of adulthood. It is designed for the young guys who are about to be 18 years old to face up to their responsibilities on their shoulders, switch their roles in society, cultivate excellent traditional Chinese virtues of taking responsibility, being grateful, engraving history on their minds and the courage in dedication, and establish a correct outlook on life and values.

  The Confucius Academy is brimmed with vitality in spring. Before the ceremony, the students walked on the 10-li river beach and the field of hope, with a light gait to feel the breath of spring. “It’s so beautiful here. I can complete an important turning point in my life here. I’m so happy and excited!”

  People set their ambition of growing up at the age of 18. The students changed their identities to become adults after a series of solemn ceremonies, inspired by the connotation of Chinese excellent traditional culture. Teachers and parents, with the simplest words, reminisced about the petty things when getting along with them, blessed them, with the sincerest emotion, to realize their dreams and move forward, as well as encouraged them to set great aspirations, be virtuous, grow up as talents, shoulder great responsibilities, care about the country and always be grateful.

  “I am grateful for the company of teachers and parents. I will bravely shoulder the heavy responsibility and walk towards the light.” Long Yuanji, a high school senior of Class 4, shared his insights with the reporters. He said that coming of age impressed him with the heavier duty and clearer planning for the future. Meanwhile, a ceremony completed in the Confucius Academy brought him deeper understanding of the excellent traditional culture.

  “Today marks your mental maturity, as well as independence, liability and responsibility.” Duan Liying, Secretary of the Party Committee and Principal of Guiyang No. 2 Middle School, gave a lecture as the elder. Taking those who set great aspirations in ancient and modern times as example, she encouraged the students to work hard, be patriotic and grateful, and contribute to the society.

  Principal Duan said that the experience of holding a coming-of-age ceremony at Confucius Academy, a highland of traditional cultural spirit, was of great significance and worth remembering for both students and teachers. In particular, the solemnity of the ceremony and the strong traditional cultural atmosphere provided a platform for teenagers to understand the connotation of “refined, courteous and determined” and inherit Chinese etiquette civilization.

  The Ceremony ended successful with reciting Song of Establishing Myself in Society.

  The “Coming-of-age Ceremony” of Confucius Academy, one of the “Four Ceremonies of Confucius Academy” (including Coming-of-age Ceremony, First Writing Ceremony, Traditional Wedding Ceremony and Respecting the Elderly Ceremony) has been held for nine years since its inception in 2013. It aims to learn cultural elements of ancient ceremonies, inherit Chinese etiquette and culture, and inspire and enlighten teenagers to be diligent, visionary, dutiful and benevolent.