Activity held by Confucius Academy in Qingming Festival: Folk Custom Experience and Civilized Sacrifice


  On April 3, the 2022 (Renyin) Qingming Festival (also known as Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day) traditional cultural activity “Our Festival- Qingming” was held by Guiyang Confucius Academy. The online broadcast was boosted by offline display, attracting over 300,000 netizens to appreciate “funny Qingming” culture online.

  During the activity themed on “Qingming Festival comes when pear flowers bloom; people go for a walk in suburb to seek spring”, Wang Qingmei, an associate professor from the School of Chinese Language and Literature of Guizhou Normal University and a doctor of folklore, told the audience through live broadcast that traditionally in Qingming Festival, people held sacrificial ceremonies to devoutly offer sacrifices to the ancestors of distant generations, took seasonal food and had an outing for amusement.

  “Qingming Festival ranks fifth among the 24 solar terms, in which people shed tears and enjoy themselves.” During the live broadcast of more than an hour that day, 300,000 netizens, introduced and guided by Professor Wang Qingmei, observed and experienced the traditional customs of Qingming Festival “on clouds”. They made Qingming cakes by hand, shot willows, made kites and paper cutting, sacrificed with tea, etc.

  Willow shooting was among the sports of ancient “Spring Games”. Qingming cake used to be served in the “buffet party” of the ancients. Flying a kite meant letting go illness and pain... In the live broadcast of the garden tour, the communication mode of “diversified offline display plus experts’ vivid online explanation” of Qingming custom culture granted the traditional solar term culture with “style” and “fashion”. Many netizens left backstage messages through the live broadcast: “It turns out that the ancient people’s Qingming Festival is so interesting and meaningful!” “In addition to sacrifices, there are so many ways to celebrate the Qingming Festival!” “Qingming Festival is not only a festival of sacrifices, but also a festival of full of hope.”

  2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Guiyang Confucius Academy. Awakening the “sense of ceremony” of traditional festivals and urging modern people to rediscover festival culture is the original intention of Confucius Academy to constantly hold traditional cultural activities.

  “This is the ninth consecutive year that we have held Qingming traditional cultural activities. The more diversified display and communication methods will make the traditional culture more touching and inheritable.” Shi Jing, Deputy Director of the Promotion Department, Cultural Communication Center of Guiyang Confucius Academy, told the reporter. As an important platform to explore the deep cultural connotation of the festivals and awaken the “sense of ceremony” of traditional festivals, Confucius Academy attracted people to participate in festivals through different display methods, extended the cultural connotation of the festivals, and further gave play to its function of “making the past serve the present and bringing forth the new”.