Rich Regional Images, Broad International Vision - Cao Qiongde’s Art in the Eyes of Guests


  On the afternoon of July 16, the workshop “Xishan Hanji · Life on Paper - Charity Exhibition of Cao Qiongde’s Paintings” was held at the Arts Hall of Guiyang Confucius Academy. The guests presented at the workshop had a discussion on Cao Qiongde and his paintings.

  As a former leader, colleague and neighbor, Dai Mingxian, a famous writer and calligrapher, witnessed the whole process in which Cao Qiongde turned from a young art lover into an excellent painter. “He has his own language, which is a sign of maturity in his painting techniques. What’s more, he has always been exploring, and his works have shown a variety of features. He has reached a new height,” said Dai.

  In order to appreciate the works on display quietly, Yu Weiren, a famous cultural scholar, came to the Art Hall of Confucius Academy alone last weekend, as “there are much philosophical thinking (in the paintings)”. “The reason why this exhibition is loved by so many people is that everyone can find something they are interested in,” she said.

  As an art historian, Professor Gu Puguang from Guizhou Minzu University attaches great importance to Cao Qiongde’s position in the history of fine arts of Guizhou and the role he has played in promoting the development of fine arts in Guizhou. According to professor Gu, from the “exhibition of works by five young painters of Guiyang” held soon after the beginning of reform and opening-up to many important exhibitions after that, Cao Qiongde has been one of the participants. This shows his impact on printmaking in Guizhou. According to Gu, Cao Qiongde’s works are characterized by prominent features. Being both modern and local, and both traditional and avant-garde, his works perfectly combine the concepts of western modern art with the charm of Chinese traditional painting and the patterns of Guizhou painting. That’s why he has made so many achievements.

  Li Yang, director of the film Blind Shaft, was a special guest who came from Beijing specially for the exhibition. He said that Cao Qiongde looked gentle, generous and magnanimous, but his works revealed the power of passion, which is the artist’s observation and feelings of heaven, earth, nature and the society. What is rare is that Cao dares to deny himself, and then breaks through and expresses himself in a new form.

  “It is my most important exhibition in Guiyang and also a review of my 40 years of artistic experience,” said Cao Qiongde. The different types of works on display are not only presentations of his own artistic experience, but also proof of his own artistic exploration. The different types of works are, in fact, his own different ideas. Even if it turns out that it is not so perfect in the end, what he wishes to do is to produce something exploratory and something new.