Guqin and Chinese Culture” Introduced by Mr. Zhu Xi, Guqin Art Inheritor


  On the morning of August 14, the 915th public lecture on the traditional culture of Confucius Academy was successfully held in Minglun Hall. Mr. Zhu Xi, the keynote speaker, is the representative inheritor of Guqin (the national intangible cultural heritage, Yushan School), Vice President of the Guqin Committee of China Nationalities Orchestra Society and President of the Jiangsu Guqin Society. The lecture was themed on “Guqin and Chinese culture”, attended by many fans and citizens.

  Mr. Zhu Xi started from the proposition of “how the Guqin eases people’s mood”, explored the dimensions of “tension”, “space” and “poetry”, and demonstrated how to achieve it by playing the famous melody Ping Sha Luo Yan.

  In terms of “tension”, Zhu pointed out that Guqin, as a single melody instrument, affects people’s minds by changing the tension, and its focus is on how to deal with two adjacent notes. The player needs to make a layout so that each note can be justified: why is the intensity and length of this note so, and what is its functional effect in the whole chapter?

  In terms of “space”, Zhu held that the best way to play Guqin is to take traditional landscape painting as a model. A song is a vocal painting, and a painting with a mute song. A player should experience the pictures flowing frame by frame in an endless manner.

  In terms of “poetry”, Zhu pointed out that Guqin requires profound cultural cultivation. Most of the ancient literati were proficient in the six arts. For example, the Yushan School of Guqin rose with that of poetry and painting, which are blending with and nourishing each other. Poetry grants grass and trees vitality.

  At the warm and joyful request of the audience, Zhu played Flowing Water. The elegant sounded like gurgling flow perfectly reflected his profound artistic skills and once again his aesthetic interest.

  Zhu taught both art and the Tao. His lecture included several issues at the three levels of “Tao”, “art” and “skill”. It inspires cognition, resonates with emotion and directs natural disposition and intelligence. It is farsighted and practical, and the quintessence of an active artist.